Bieber praises Grande

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are big fans of one another.

Justin Bieber says Ariana Grande’s new song is “really good.”

The pop star tweeted Ariana to openly share his praise of her work. He added that even director/editor Alfredo Flores, who worked on Justin’s 2012 documentary All Around The World, is a fan.

“last Christmas is really good. @AlfredoFlores loves it. Also thanks for what u said. Very cool,” Justin told Ariana.

Ariana responded with “thank you so much and I’m in love with #musicmondays sounds ridiculous, amazing work.”

Music Mondays is Justin’s project where he releases a new song every Monday to promote new movie Believe 3D, which will be released on Christmas Day.

Justin caused controversy on Monday when he claimed to have met the President of Mexico before going on stage. When the office of the President denied Justin’s claims, he sent out a tweet correcting his original comment.

“*correction. I met the presidente’s family and all their friends in the private meet and greet with all their security. They were very nice (sic),” Justin said.

The pop star goes on to defend himself against the criticism he has faced recently. According to Justin, lots of the stories are just not accurate.

“A lot of things get said about me. So many things not true. And it hurts especially that people believe it. But I got all of u so… I’m built for this. It’s all gonna be alright :) love u and thanks.”
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Tuesday, 19. November 2013