Nathan Followill recalls drunk drumming

Nathan Followill sometimes embarrasses his bandmates by having a little tipple on stage.

Nathan Followill knows he’s drunk when he wears a cowboy hat on stage.

The Kings of Leon drummer makes up a quarter of the rock band alongside his brothers Caleb and Jared and cousin Matthew.

While frontman Caleb insists he’s never enjoyed an alcoholic beverage while performing, his brother can’t say the same.

“Yes, multiple times,” he laughed to BBC Radio 1 when asked if he’d ever messed up his drumming due to one too many beers.

“We played a show in Las Vegas four years ago. Apparently I wore a black cowboy hat throughout the whole set and Caleb would be like, ‘Take that damn hat off, you look like an idiot!’ So my drum tech would take it off and then turn around and it would be back on. So we were a country and western band for one set…”

The band are currently promoting their sixth album Mechanical Bull and have announced a tour for the beginning of next year.

All members have families waiting at home, which can make their hectic schedules difficult.

Caleb is married to Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge and they welcomed daughter Dixie in June 2012.

As much as he loves his family, travelling can offer some much needed respite from parenthood.

“It’s great, but at the same time there’s no place like home,” Caleb admitted.

“My daughter is going through the bad stage when she’s really mean. She’s advanced; she’s going through the terrible twos early, so I’m happy to be away…”

Nathan’s wife Jessie Baylin gave birth to their daughter Violet in December last year.

It seems their little girl has been getting tips from 20-year-old popstar Miley Cyrus.

“My daughter is ten months old and I have at least five videos of her twerking. At five months old. I was absolutely horrified,” he deadpanned.
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Monday, 18. November 2013