Longoria: I'm super smart

Eva Longoria finds it amusing when people expect her to be like her on screen characters in real life.

Eva Longoria “surprises” people with how articulate she is.

The American actress is best known for her role as ditzy former model Gabrielle Solis in hit TV show Desperate Housewives.

Even though the programme came to an end last year, Eva still finds people expect her to be like her on screen alter ego.

“Some people are so surprised by how articulate or smart I am. But others are like, ‘Oh, I forgot you’re an actress too,’ because of all my philanthropy,” she told British magazine Look. “I take great responsibility in [being a role model]. I think it’s really important people have somebody to look up to and emulate. I want to see change in the world and I can represent that.”

Eva earned a master’s degree in Chicano Studies from Cal State Northridge University earlier this year. The 38-year-old actress is proud of the achievement as she’d dreamt of it for so long.

“It’s just something I’d always wanted to do,” she recalled. “I’m very curious about the world, and I think academia is the way to learn about it. I want to be literate on a lot of topics – immigration, education or the economy.”

While she loves acting Eva already knows what she would do if she were to leave the industry.

“It would just give me more time to travel the world and see other people. A good spiritual trip to India would be fun,” she smiled.
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Sunday, 17. November 2013