Butler 'ambushed by female fans'

Gerard Butler reportedly tipped a restaurant employee $200 after he helped the actor "shoo" away excited female fans.

Gerard Butler apparently had to “holler for help” when fans got overzealous at a restaurant.

The Scottish actor is known for his good looks and won over plenty of females as Gerry in romantic move P.S. I Love You.

While out at a West Hollywood eatery recently, the star apparently felt so cornered by fans he had to shout for assistance in batting them away.

National Enquirer claims he was pestered for autographs while on a business luncheon, with one “busty” girl even hassling him about “hooking up for a drink”.

“The slobber session never stopped – a conga line of ladies batting goo-goo eyes laid siege to Butler’s table until he hollered for help,” a source told the publication.

“The joint’s manager put one employee on continuous guard duty right next to the actor’s table, and all admirers were shooed away. Grateful Gerard tipped the guy $200!”

In the past, the 43-year-old has been linked to Romanian actress-and-model Mădălina Diana Ghenea and his The Bounty Hunter co-star Jennifer Aniston.

While he has previously denied he’s in a serious relationship with Mădălina, he does have a desire to find The One.

“Not at the moment,” he answered German website Filmreporter.de recently when asked if he was in a serious relationship.

“But at some point I do want to settle down.

“I’ve had relationships with very different women. Generally, I like partners who have a special sense of humour, are confident, sweet and honest.”
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Sunday, 17. November 2013