KStew will stop 'busting RPatz's balls'

Kristen Stewart has reportedly made her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson a series of promises about how she will change if they reunite

Kristen Stewart has reportedly promised to “stop busting Robert Pattinson’s balls” if they reunite.

The pair went their separate ways after failing to overcome Kristen’s affair with then-married film director Rupert Sanders.

Robert put the house they shared up for sale and it was thought he had moved on, but it’s now claimed that’s not the case. Rupert’s ex-wife Liberty Ross recently gave an interview about how his infidelity affected her, which Robert apparently knew would upset his ex.

“He got in touch, arranged to meet up and saw for himself that she really was at rock bottom. She was sobbing and begging for a chance to prove she was sorry,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

“Kristen’s making all kinds of promises – she swore she’d give him space, respect his friends and family, and stop busting his balls over the smallest things.”

Although Robert has been on dates with people such as Sean Penn’s daughter Dylan, he hasn’t enjoyed a serious romance since the split. His friends reportedly believe his Twilight co-star has “a hold” over him and on top of that the actor doesn’t enjoy meeting new people that much.

“He says he totally sucks at dating. He’s totally lost. Basically, he hasn’t clicked with anyone like he did with Kristen,” the insider said. “His friends and family have told him that it takes more time – he needs at least a year to get over her. But he’s saying nobody understands and that he’s the only one with the answers.”
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Sunday, 17. November 2013