Cruz always carries dictionary

Penélope Cruz makes notes of everything Woody Allen says because he is "so brilliant".

Penélope Cruz always carries a dictionary around.

The Spanish actress appears in many English language movies and has does press tours in the language too. While she can hold her own, at times people speak so fast she can’t catch what they say.

“I always have a dictionary in my pocket! When I’m working in English and also with such interesting people, you don’t want to miss anything they are saying,” she told Look magazine. “I have a conversation with someone like Woody Allen and I write down everything he says so I never forget, because he’s brilliant. Everything he says is so brilliant.”

Penélope stars in new movie The Counselor, which is about a lawyer who gets caught up in drug trafficking. It boasts a heavyweight cast, with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Penélope’s husband Javier Bardem all involved. The actress was overwhelmed by the talent on set.

“It was a really easy atmosphere and they’re all amazing actors,” she gushed. “I admire them so much. I felt every day that I couldn’t be in better company. [They are a] very talented group of actors.”

Penélope and Javier welcomed their daughter Luna into the world in July and also have two-year-old son Leo. Juggling her home and work life isn’t easy, but the actress tries to make it work.

“No, [it’s not effortless],” she insisted. “You have to plan in a different way, you know? But you find a way.”
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Sunday, 17. November 2013