Jessie J gives shoes to charity

Jessie J is auctioning off her old shoes for a cancer charity.

Jessie J is auctioning off her shoes to make £12,000 for a cancer charity.

The singer is giving away a pair of shoes she wore while performing in Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club. All proceeds will go to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs for children fighting cancer.

“The shoes are wild, they are so glitzy. Jessie has obviously worn them because there’s a bit of wear and tear on the heel,” charity manager Monica Glass told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“I imagine she performed in them because they are glitter encrusted. They are not the sort of shoes you would wear down to Sainsbury’s – but maybe I’m putting her down because she probably would.”

The 25-year-old pop star put her signature on the shoes, and added a signed picture of herself holding the footwear. Jessie previously shaved off her hair for the organization, so they could make a wig from her discarded tresses.

“It’s great Jessie is raising our profile so we can help more children,” Monica added.

Jessie’s contribution has helped give the charity more exposure. According to the newspaper, The Trust now gets 1000 hair donations every month, which is 25% higher than it was last year.

“It takes three to five hair donations to make one wig,” Monica said. “Jessie’s braids are locked away in our safe and will be matched with a similar hair colour. The wigs make children looks like they did before the diagnosis – they feel happier, brighter and more confident and that gives a major lift to the entire family.

“We are hoping Jessie’s shoes make a lovely big Price Tag.”
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Friday, 15. November 2013