Leona’s Christmas music joy

Leona Lewis says making her new Christmas album was "the most fun" she's ever had.

Leona Lewis says her new Christmas album is “a breath of fresh air.”

The singer has never recorded holiday music before, but she enjoyed every minute of the process.

According to Leona, Christmas music has been a huge influence on her and she wanted to adequately capture the magic and excitement of the season.

“I loved writing on this record because I’ve not written songs like this before and so for me, it was like the most fun I’ve ever had writing, because I could totally get out of where I usually go and go to different head space,” Leona told Perez Hilton.

“To be able to go into a genre that has heavily influenced me in music. It was like a breath of fresh air and it was so much fun.”

Leona goes on to explain her single One More Sleep, which is about special occasions from a child’s point of view. She wanted to express the happiness that comes from anticipation of a big event.

“One More Sleep is basically, it’s a thing that a lot of kids say like, there’s three days left until we’re doing something fun,” Leona explained.

“Like it’s your birthday or Christmas, you’ll be like ‘oh its three more sleeps left, count down to one more sleep left!’”

The pop star says Christmas is one of her favourite days of the year for many reasons. Leona knows it’s a guaranteed day without work and she loves spending time with her family.

“It’s just the excitement, almost a childlike excitement that you have the night before Christmas. It’s really very close to my heart, so it was really fun,” she explained.

Leona’s holiday album Christmas With Love will reach record store shelves at the end of November.
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Friday, 15. November 2013