Leto’s huge ‘perspective change’

Jared Leto reveals a late-night run inspired a renewed “gratitude and appreciation” for life.

Jared Leto thinks it’s a blessing to be “driven crazy”.

The 41-year-old Dallas Buyers Club actor is also the lead singer in his indie rock band 30 Seconds To Mars.

Jared reveals during a recent late-night jog he discovered a new way of mentally coping with his hectic workload.

“Yeah, there’s a lot going on right now, which is fantastic,” he told V Magazine in an interview published in the winter issue.

“I was reminding myself last night, I went for a run fairly late, around 11 pm, and I was just remembering how great it is to have so many things and how wonderful it is to actually be driven crazy by those things.”

Jared confesses his obligations have recently driven him to “the edge”.

But the run allowed him to drop all of his aggravations for a moment and feel empowered by his responsibilities.

“That actually helped me a lot today, because I’ve been having really full days and a lot going on, whether it’s the interview with you or even driving here and getting lost and trying to figure it out or taking the photo or being in rehearsal right before this, the four meetings that I had…all those individual things, to have gratitude and appreciation for that time that I get to do that,” he explained.

“I had a bit of a perspective change last night, it was strange. Not that I hadn’t been grateful before, but I’ve just been feeling on the edge a bit.”
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Thursday, 14. November 2013