Kanye ‘happy’ to share Nori pics

Kanye West is ‘happy’ Kim shares photos of Nori on social media.

Kanye West is reportedly happy Kim Kardashian shares pictures of their daughter.

The rapper’s strong dislike for the paparazzi is well known, and he believes by posting pictures online he and his wife are controlling the photos.

By putting pictures of baby North on social media sites, Kanye allegedly believes he is stopping photographers from making money off his family.

“It’s much better this way because they’re controlling how much the public sees of their precious little girl,” a source told Hollywood Life. “This is what Kanye wants. He doesn’t want paparazzi taking pictures of his baby and making money off her back.”

According to the site, only he and Kim are allowed to take and post pictures of Nori. Other family members, including matriarch Kris Jenner, are allegedly banned from putting pictures of North online.

“Kanye’s not playing, that’s a rule,” said the source. “He’s not even letting Nori’s aunts or grandmother take pictures of Nori [and post them on social media websites] unless they ask or it’s like a family photo or something.”

Kanye is apparently very proud of his daughter and the progress she is making. The musician reportedly thinks his daughter is a genius – just like him.

“She’ll grab things and have this weird look on her face when she’s holding whatever object is in her hand,” a source said. “Kanye will be like ‘why is she staring at it so hard’ and then he rethinks and is like ‘naw, she’s studying it. She sees something we don’t.’ He already thinks she’s a genius, just like him.

“He thinks she’s going to grow up and be something great, like a scientist or something. He’s loving every minute of her existence and soaking it all up.”
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Thursday, 14. November 2013