Cannon ‘cool’ with ex

Nick Cannon says he and ex-fiance Selita Ebanks are “cool.”

Nick Cannon says he and ex-fiance Selita Ebanks are “cool.”

The singer and America’s Got Talent host found himself sitting next to Selita when he and the rest of the cast of Real Husbands of Hollywood appeared on the Katie Couric show.

But Nick just laughed off the situation when Selita turned to him and said, “Hi, how are you?”

“So we’ll just clear this all up,” Nick said, putting his arm around the model. “We used to be engaged, so it’s not an awkward moment. They’re laughing that we’re sitting next to each other. But we’re cool. We’re friends.”

Katie clearly enjoyed the moment, teasing Nick and and his ex. She even joked about separating them.

“Maybe we should have put you guys on different chairs,” Katie said.

Victoria’s Secret model Selita explained the reason she was seated next to Nick was because his hot pink suit and fellow guest Cynthia Kate McWilliam’s red dress would have clashed.

Nick couldn’t resist poking fun at his ex-partner, saying, “What? You didn’t want to sit next to me? It’s about to turn into a whole different kind of talk show!"

Nick and Selita broke up in October 2007, just seven months before he married Mariah Carey.

Although the two appear to be on good terms now, Selita was not always so friendly about Nick.

“I mean I technically wore a ring but I don’t think I was really engaged," she previously old the Huffington Post. "I want a Prince. I want Prince Harry. Do you think the queen would accept me?”
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Thursday, 14. November 2013