Forgetful bride Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne has joked that her wedding had such a party atmosphere she can’t remember a lot of it.

Avril Lavigne “doesn’t remember much” of her three-day wedding.

The singer tied the knot with Nickelback star Chad Kroeger on July 1 in France. They wanted to really celebrate their love for each other, so organised a huge party which stretched over several days. Although it was great fun, it didn’t create the memories most brides dream of.

“It was three days long. I don’t remember much of that, either! Oops!” Avril laughed to talk show host Chelsea Handler.

“It was in the South of France. We got married at like nine at night and partied ‘til six in the morning. And I kind of remember the rest, but don’t. I don’t know.”

Avril, 29, and 38-year-old Chad enjoyed a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, which was also held in France. They waited to have that party until all their loved ones had made the journey to the European country.

“We had a bachelor/bachelorette party on an island, which I don’t remember – just kidding!” she giggled.

“We slept ’til 5 that day and we had to take a boat. We went all out and wanted the family to have a good time. The next day was the rehearsal dinner at the castle, and the following day was the wedding. And everything started really late in the evening.”

The couple’s big day had a gothic vibe, with Avril wearing a black dress and carrying matching flowers and a huge firework display laid on. They wanted the event to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for their loved ones, many of who jetted in from Canada.

Now back to real life, Avril is promoting her new album and Chad is touring with his band.

“We don’t really party when we’re away from each other," Avril explained. "We want to cherish it and take good care of it. We have to be responsible at some point.”
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Wednesday, 13. November 2013