Ciara sets wedding date

Ciara and fiancé Future have set a date for their wedding.

Ciara has set a date for her wedding and says she is “excited” to get married.

The singer and her rapper fiancé got engaged in October, when he proposed with a 15-carat diamond ring. And it looks like the couple are wasting no time in planning their nuptials.

When asked if she had started dress shopping yet, Ciara said she hasn’t – but everything is on track.

“I haven’t started looking yet, but we actually just talked yesterday about our date, so we know the date we want to do now and I’m excited,” Ciara told E! News.

The pop star revealed she loves her new status as an engaged woman. She also deeply appreciates the care that went into her Avianne & Co. ring.

“My love—my fiancé—so funny, I’m getting used to saying that,” Ciara said. “He actually knew the cut I liked. I always loved emerald-cut [diamonds], but then he also just went and took it in his hands and took his time on it and he’s so sweet, ‘cause he’s like, ‘I took my time on that.’ That means a lot! He remembered exactly what I mentioned and then did his own thing, so I’m happy.”

Ciara admitted she has always thought about having a big glamorous wedding. She also inists there is no stress with wedding planning, just lots of joy and anticipation.

“I’m very very excited! [Just] like every girl…we think about making that dress and that moment, and being with your bridesmaids,” she said. “I just can’t wait to do everything, I’m like a little kid right now.”
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Wednesday, 13. November 2013