J-Law almost missed premiere

Jennifer Lawrence thought she might not make it to London for yesterday's premiere as she forgot her passport.

Jennifer Lawrence almost missed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere last night.

The 23-year-old actress was in London to promote the second instalment of the popular adventure franchise.

However, the star almost didn’t make it because she forgot her passport.

In the end, Jennifer had to rush across the US to pick up the travel document and ended up flying 12 hours behind the rest of the cast, who were on a private jet.

“It was miserable,” she grimaced to British newspaper The Mirror.

In The Hunger Games movies, Jennifer takes on the role of gutsy Katniss Everdeen.

She’s not just showing her strength on screen, but also by sticking up for other females.

“When girls are just mean to each other,” she answered Access Hollywood when asked what upsets her most.

“I think that we are just so unsupportive. When I watch these shows and the media, and I watch the women on these televisions shows pointing to these women and judging them and calling them ugly and calling them fat.

“It’s just like, where have we come? Why are we here? Why are we doing this to each other? Men were doing it hundreds of years ago and now we’ve turned around we we’re doing it to each other.”

Jennifer took home her first Oscar this year when she snapped up the best actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

While she might be hot news in the industry, the pixie-haired actress tries to remain grounded.

“With this job and if you have a movie like Hunger Games, that’s very successful, it takes away a really a big part of your life… I didn’t realise how much you cherish until it’s gone and then once it’s gone, you can’t ever get it back,” she mused.

“It was a little scary actually when you think about it and that’s why I try to just to, you know really live in my own reality and as sad as it sounds or as good as it sounds… I just kind of ignore so much of it.”
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Tuesday, 12. November 2013