Bieber's 'one night stand' speaks out

Justin Bieber's Brazilian "fling" says he is "good in bed".

Justin Bieber is “marvellous and unforgettable”, according to a Brazlian woman who claims they shared a one night stand.

Model Tati Neves claims to have spent the night with Justin after a party at his villa in Rio de Janeiro last week.

The single mother calls the singer “mature” and insists he was a gentleman.

“It was one of the best moments in my life. It was marvellous and unforgettable. He has quite a fit body and he looked great naked,” she told UK newspaper The Sun, adding that the singer seemed very experienced.

“A man must know what to do to make me happy – Justin did all that and more. Take it from me, he’s well endowed – and very good in bed,” she said.

Tati made headlines when a video she filmed of Justin, 19, sleeping in bed went viral. The 27-year-old spilled salacious details about her night with the teenager, including Justin’s seduction techniques.

“There were about ten of us. Most of the girls were teenagers and very giggly. The house was beautiful. Justin looked at me and called me over,” Tati revealed. “He was really polite to me and gentle – surprisingly very mature for his age.”

Tati insisted she never meant the video she took of Justin to become public. According to the model, a friend of hers posted the footage on YouTube without her permission.

“It wasn’t me that posted the video,” Tati said. "I was still in bed with Justin when my friend texted me to say, ‘Oi amiga, where are you?’

“I texted back, ’I’m here in bed cuddling up to Justin Bieber.’ The video was just for her eyes only. I am really angry with her.”
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Tuesday, 12. November 2013