Sykes' girlfriend excuse

Nathan Sykes admits having Ariana Grande as his girlfriend helps him avoid talking to female admirers.

Nathan Sykes uses Ariana Grande as an excuse to dodge fans.

The Wanted singer and American pop star confirmed their romance in September. This came after Nathan lent his vocals to Ariana’s hit single Almost Is Never Enough.

Ahead of an intimate gig in London’s Leicester Square last week, Nathan admitted he uses his girlfriend to avoid female admirers.

“There were fans at the airport and I had to rush past. They were like, ‘Why aren’t you stopping?’ and I was like, ‘I have to see my girlfriend!’” he laughed to British newspaper The Metro.

Nathan and his band have returned to the UK after a long stint in the US and are currently promoting their new album Word of Mouth.

Born and raised in England’s Gloucestershire, the 20-year-old star missed regional accents while overseas.

“I was in LA and I heard this accent and I couldn’t place it. I was literally thinking, ‘What is that?’ And then I realised he was from where I’m from!” he smiled. “It’s so good to hear British voices!”

Earlier this year Nathan had fans terrified when he underwent throat surgery, which could have cost him his voice.

However, he wasn’t the first member of The Wanted to have such a drastic procedure. His bandmate Max George went through a similar situation, which helped him empathise with his pal.

“When I was 19 I had two operations. I had a problem with my throat and a deviated septum in my sinuses so I had to have a part of the bone in my nose taken out to help get more air in,” Max, 25, recalled.

“I lost my voice for three months and I couldn’t breathe at night. But I just had to get on with it. I broke my arm falling down stairs, I broke every toe in my feet playing football. I’ve had too many injuries!”
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Monday, 11. November 2013