Lambert: I go with my gut

Adam Lambert thinks being a “polarising artist” creates a strong fan base.

Adam Lambert loves being a “polarising artist”.

The Trespassing hitmaker catapulted to fame after he came in as a runner-up on American Idol in 2009.

Four years later, he’s still enjoying a successful music career, but admits critics can be ruthless.

Still, Adam insists he embraces the fact his music and persona puts some people off.

“I think it makes you stronger and people identify with that. I think people identify with artists that are polarising. It brings out stronger fans when you’re a polarising artist,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

The star is done trying to please everyone and realises it would be an impossible feat.

Instead he follows his instinct, and so far he’s pleased with the results.

“You can’t please everybody… You’ve got to do what your heart is telling you to do. You’ve got to create what your gut is telling you to create. And if someone likes it, awesome. If other people don’t like it, oh well,” he shrugged.

Adam is currently working on a multi-episode cameo role as an over-the-top singer named Elliot ‘Starchild’ Gilbert on Glee.

After auditioning for a part on the hit US TV musical before its 2005 debut and failing to secure a role he says he feels fortunate to have come full circle.

“I’m lucky. I feel lucky and I feel like I’ve been given really cool opportunities,” Adam said. “Things keep coming and I keep running with it.”
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Saturday, 09. November 2013