Icona Pop: Beyoncé's fierce

Icona Pop think only certain pop stars can get away with wearing revealing outfits on stage.

Icona Pop think Beyoncé Knowles can pull off dancing in a bathing suit.

The Swedish duo, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, are set to perform at the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday.

Addressing claims pop stars show too much flesh on stage, Aino shared her opinion on what is acceptable.

“[Caroline and I] like to wear a little more clothes. But I don’t mind watching Beyoncé in a bathing suit, dancing. It’s also about how you sing and how you perform the song as well,” she explained to glamourmagazine.co.uk. “Even though you’re wearing less clothes, it doesn’t always have to be a sexual thing. I don’t mind, actually. I probably wouldn’t go out wearing the same outfit as Miley Cyrus, but I don’t mind actually.”

The pair will be joining the likes of Miley, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars at the annual ceremony at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

When quizzed about what they have up their sleeves, Aino remained secretive.

“We can’t really tell because otherwise it won’t be so fun, but I can promise you that it will be very energetic and there will be a lot of dancing from our side. And I think it will be a bit crazy. I can’t really tell!” she giggled.

The duo released their second record This Is… Icona Pop earlier this week. Aino hopes fans will respond to the fun-filled message in their latest single All Night.

“I think I would want to say that the whole song is all about… to express yourself. And if you see from the video we actually got the real Voguers from House Extravaganza to join us,” she recalled.

“And one of them actually taught Madonna how to Vogue! And the song is basically about expressing yourself. Like when you find your right element and your right people that you’re not afraid of showing who you are. I think it’s important that people are not afraid of doing that. Freedom and expression is right.”
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Friday, 08. November 2013