Lorde: I'm transforming pop

Lorde is proud to be a part of the music industry and wants to change people's opinion on pop.

Lorde wants to make pop music less “shameful”.

The New Zealand born singer, who turned 17 yesterday, was propelled into the limelight thanks to her hit single Royals.

While she is now lucky enough to mingle with A-list stars Lorde – real name Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor – still feels there is a lot of work to be done.

“I didn’t expect to be in this world but I think it’s kind of cool. For a long time pop has been this laughable, shameful thing,” she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

“But it’s actually gratifying and fun and can unite populations, which I think is incredibly powerful. So hopefully I am showing that pop can be taken seriously… It was a strange thing for me to launch myself into the spotlight. I had always been the shy, bookish girl.”

The brunette musician has often spoken out about her feminist views. Although she is seen as an anti-Miley Cyrus figure due to her opinion on raunchy costumes, Lorde claims she would strip off if it was justified.

“That is definitely an older person’s reaction to my songs,” she sighed, referring to people’s outlook on her. “I would absolutely take my clothes off if I wanted to and that would be my choice and I would be empowered by it.”

When on stage the teenager aims to put on a memorable show. She first discovered her love of singing and acting after joining a drama group when she was just five.

“Mum tried to get me into poetry but I wasn’t into it. I read a lot of short fiction and that has much more common ground with lyrics,” she recalled. “There is something kind of magic and sacred about performance. I had to switch on a different side to myself and become a different me.”
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Friday, 08. November 2013