Gaga drops Princess Diana song

Lady Gaga was forced to delete a homage to Princess Diana from her new album ARTPOP.

Lady Gaga has dropped a controversial song about Princess Diana from her new album.

The singer wanted to pay homage to the late mother of British Princes William and Harry by writing a track called Princess Die about her.

But record bosses reportedly felt the song was too controversial and made Gaga ditch it.

“Lady Gaga was passionate about Princess Die and, though she admitted it wasn’t her best work, she still wanted it on the album,” a source tells UK newspaper The Mirror.

“But after the adverse reaction it got from fans in the UK when she sang it at her gigs last year, the record company bosses stepped in. They persuaded her to remove it from the album to keep the peace. There is still a lot of emotion over Princess Di. Her death remains a very sensitive subject.”

Gaga first performed the song last year at a concert in Twickenham, London. She explained to the crowd why she wrote the track in the first place and said Princess Diana meant a lot to her.

“Since I was a very young girl, the People’s Princess was the most important person in me and my mother’s life,” Gaga said. “I predict controversy but I don’t care. Let’s take a moment to appreciate her presence.”

The pop star is reportedly making light of the absence of the song by telling fans it “isn’t as good as the other songs” written for the album.

Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP will be released on October 11.
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Thursday, 07. November 2013