Miley: Styles’ costume was the best

Miley Cyrus believes Harry Styles looked great dressed as her on Halloween.

Miley Cyrus is impressed by Harry Styles’ “aggressive” Halloween impersonation of her.

The 19-year-old One Direction singer dressed up in an outfit similar to what Miley wore during her controversial performance at this year’s VMAs for the spooky holiday.

Miley, 20, approves of Harry’s creative approach to his costume.

“I think Harry might have been one of my favourites. Those shorts were very revealing. Much more revealing and aggressive than my costume; I’m just saying!” she told Ryan Seacrest during an interview on his radio show Wednesday.

“I told him he could have the ‘OG’ foam finger, but he was in Tokyo.”

Dressing up as Miley was a very popular costume choice this season, with fellow celebrity Paris Hilton also suiting up as the Wrecking Ball singer.

Miley partied at Bootsy Bellows nightclub on Halloween and she was shocked by how much of the crowd looked like her.

“I went out and I was standing on the couch looking over the whole crowd and I saw a million people as me,” she recalled.

“That definitely says something if someone looks at it and knows. It’s that memorable — I think that’s really crazy."

Miley turns 21 on November 23, meaning she will legally be allowed to drink in America.

Although she will be allowed to consume alcohol without restriction on her milestone birthday, the star is unlikely to go bar hopping on the day.

“I will be at the [American Music Awards] rehearsals, which is going to very exciting and turnt up!” she shared about plans for her special day.

“Exactly where everyone wants to be on their 21st birthday, but actually, for me, is like the best birthday present ever because I get to perform at the AMAs."

The American Music Awards will take place on November 24.
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Wednesday, 06. November 2013