Bell talks puppy love

Kristen Bell’s unborn baby was like a “water bottle in her belly” during pregnancy.

Kristen Bell feared she wouldn’t love her baby as much as her dogs.

The actress became a mom for the first time when she gave birth to daughter Lincoln in March this year. Kristen confided in her husband Dax Shepard when she began questioning her mothering instincts.

“I kept saying to Dax in all sincerity during my pregnancy, ‘I just don’t know how I’m going to like her as much as I like the dogs.’ I was being serious. Because I f**king love my dogs; they are my children,” she told the December issue of Flare magazine. “I love people the more I know them, and I didn’t know her. It could’ve been a water bottle in my belly, that’s about how connected I felt to her during my pregnancy.”

However, Kristen’s fears were soon allayed once Lincoln entered into the world.

“Within about 24 hours after she came out, my hormones reset, and they reprogrammed my feelings about her,” she smiled.

Kristen and Dax were married at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office on October 17 after a lengthy engagement. She has revealed the secret to making their relationship work is remaining grounded and supportive.

“Our main rule is: Check your ego at the door, and be aware of when the other person is spinning out,” she explained. “As artists, everything is vanity – and narcissism – driven: my career, the strategy behind it… So we try to do a really good job of being human beings in the rest of our life.”

Kristen also admits she wouldn’t have dated Dax in her younger years. The Hollywood stars embarked on a relationship in 2007, before getting engaged in 2010. The 33-year-old blonde claims Dax would have been too much of a bad boy to impress her when they were growing up.

“Dax and I would not have been friends in high school. He was a drug addict and he was wild, and I was very much a good girl who went to Catholic school,” Kristen laughed. “He is also five years older than I am, and he lived in Milford, which is a bit more drive-your-tractor-to-the-seven-eleven-type Michigan, and I was closer to downtown Detroit.”
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Tuesday, 05. November 2013