Best Dressed: the EMA outfits of the Stars

  • Rihanna has style! Her hot looks always catch the eye, and that’s exactly what they did at the EMA 2010.

  • On Stage she then delivered the full load of sex appeal.

  • Beyoncé is an entertainer of the superlative. At the 2009 EMA, she cut a good figure. Very stylish before the show…

  • … and all sexy on stage.

  • Our 'California Gurl' can simply wear anything. Whether it’s a red glitter top with blue high heels at the EMA 2010…

  • … or all girly in pink the following year, Katy glows at the EMA with her cool looks.

  • You won’t find Justin Timberlake on the red carpet with this look anymore. His style in 2003 was cool nevertheless.

  • This is the styled up JT, we know today. He already sported the very classical 'Suit and Tie' at the EMA 2006.

  • Ke$ha appeared a little sleepy before the EMA 2010, with his dishevelled hair and his ripped clothes.

  • But during her performance, she really got going. And it was sexy, loud and colourful.

  • With Lady Gaga, we always wonder, whether it’s art or whether it actually is fashion. In 2011, her outfits gave us much to talk about. The red satellite dish dress…

  • … and the trouser suit in a similar look went down in the history of EMA looks.

  • We don’t really know the smartly dressed Miley Cyprus of the EMA 2010 anymore.

  • Now she is rather well known for her skimpy outfits. The embroidered body of 2010 almost seems prudish.

  • Selena Gomez knows her stuff, when it comes to style. She moderated the EMA in 2011 and never stopped changing her wardrobe.

  • And she always hit the nail on the head. Sexy and elegant, that’s Sel.

  • Justin Bieber likes it casual. The image of the nice boys next door…

  • … is quickly thrown to one side, when he comes on stage with his cool leather jacket.

  • Rita Ora made red the colour of her night at the EMA 2012. On the red carpet, she glowed in a sexy evening gown.

  • A little later on stage, she delivered a hot show in a seemingly transparent trouser suit.

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    See which stars were always on the right track with their choice of clothing at the EMAs.

    Music and Fashion are simply inseparable. They go hand in hand and inspire one another. Every year, the EMA are the best example for the fact that the performances are spoken about just as much as the outfits of the stars.

    We flicked through the photo albums of the past EMA and looked out those, who always had a good touch in their choice of clothing over the years. And we came up with quite a few. From Katy Perry via Justin Timberlake to Rita Ora, all of our favourites are present. From these and many other celebrities, we can certainly expect a great range of sexy looks, new fashion trends and surprising outfits in the coming years as well.

    You want to see, which fashion pearls are part of the show at this year’s EMA in Amsterdam? Then tune in, when the EMA rock Amsterdam on November 10, 2013. Don’t miss it!

    ‘Hot or Not’, you have to decide that for yourselves. Browse through our flipbook and check out the best looks of the stars.

    Monday, 04. November 2013