Gaga in security scare

Lady Gaga's security guard was reportedly slapped by an overzealous fan last week.

Lady Gaga was reportedly involved in a security scare last week.

The eccentric singer has been in London promoting her upcoming album, ARTPOP.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, the star was walking out of The Langham hotel when an overzealous fan slapped a member of her security team in the face and ran past the burly guards in effort to touch her.

Another fan appears to have uploaded video of the incident on YouTube, with one commenter describing what happened.

“A girl ran in front of the barriers straight at Gaga. One of her bodyguards held out his arm to stop her, but she ran past him and Gaga’s other guard. It looked like she hit the first guy and tried to get to Gaga. Her security were very angry,” the user by the name of Starlight wrote.

“They told the girl she was being blacklisted from the hotel and that Gaga would use the back of the hotel if she turned up. She appeared on Monday and was instructed to leave,” she continued.

Gaga’s fans, which she’s dubbed “monsters”, had been camping outside the hotel for days in a bid to merely catch a glimpse of the star.

The man who shot the video said everyone is now “p****d off” because the purported culprit continued to return, preventing Gaga from spending any more time with other waiting fans.

Another fan praised the singer’s security, insisting the singer’s team prevented the situation from “getting out of hand”.

Gaga’s ARTPOP is scheduled for release November 6.
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Sunday, 03. November 2013