Azealia Banks’ pregnancy phobia

Azealia Banks became interested in girls because she was "scared" of getting pregnant.

Azealia Banks says her interest in girls stems from a fear of pregnancy.

The American rapper has always been open about her bisexuality since breaking onto the music scene in 2011.

Recalling when she first realised she was attracted to females, Azealia admitted it was partly down to the consequences that could come from being intimate with a man.

“Girls started when I had a break from boys. When I was scared to get pregnant!” she laughed to the December issue of British magazine Elle. “I feel homosexuality is a genetic thing. My sister is a lesbian, I’m bisexual. But I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. To be honest, I don’t really have that many relationships. I’m too obsessed with myself right now.”

It’s not just sexual preference Azealia believes runs in the family. The 22-year-old star puts her fierce lyrics and constant use of swearing down to a frustration she was born with because of her heritage.

“It’s not an immediate anger; it’s a deep-rooted spiritual anger and dissatisfaction,” she explained. “For as long as we can remember, black people have been at the bottom of everything. It’s a natural aggression that I think black people have. That’s just my theory.”

Before getting into music Azealia worked in a strip club to bring in money. She remembers how fearful she was to be in such an environment but she was in desperate need of an income after moving away from her abusive mother.

“That was so scary. At that time I was so broke and so sick of not having my hair and nails done, and not having a cell phone,” she recalled.
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Friday, 01. November 2013