Killers slam US music

The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. has slammed the songs played on US radio.

The Killers have branded America “retarded musically”.

The Las Vegas rock band are currently gearing up to release Direct Hits, a compilation album of some of their biggest songs. Despite achieving great success since their 2004 debut offering Hot Fuss, the group find it frustrating that their homeland can be slow to embrace different music.

“Breaking in the UK first was great because America is retarded musically,” drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. told British newspaper The Sun. “And you can f**king quote me on that. It’s upside down. There’s so much great music that doesn’t get the attention. There’s a lot of bullsh*t on US radio.”

Frontman Brandon Flowers was quick to share his bandmate’s views.

“I start to wonder, what do adults listen to? Do they listen to what’s being played on the radio? You should listen to something that’s for you – not about giving your virginity to your boyfriend on Saturday night. It is retarded,” he fumed. “Every song is that song. And if 40-year-olds are listening to that rubbish, they’re going to raise kids on it. It’s not even music.”

While reflecting on their past success, Brandon voiced his annoyance that more attention was paid to his facial hair than the band’s songs at times. He was particularly surprised by the reaction to his change of image when they released second album Sam’s Town in 2006.

“Now that was frustrating. We were so proud of that record. We still are,” he said. “We put a lot into that record and so it was weird that, all of a sudden, people only talked about my moustache. I was thinking: ‘We just gave you songs like Read My Mind and When You Were Young and you’re focusing on hair on my face. These are great songs.’”

When asked if the band are planning to stay together, the musicians revealed they may take another hiatus to work on solo projects before reuniting in the recording studio.

Ronnie is optimistic that they still have some great tunes left in them.

“There’ll be much more music from The Killers,” he said. “Look at this tree – there’s still fruit hanging all off of this thing. This first ten years has just been the start for us.”
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Friday, 01. November 2013