Adele’s secret rap skills

Adele is a “really filthy” and talented secret rapper says friend.

Adele is hiding some very impressive rap skills, according to rapper Tinie Tempah.

The singer is famous for her powerful voice and emotional ballads. But the Londoner is secretly also a very talented emcee, and showcased her abilities to Tinie when he was working on new album Demonstration.

“Adele helped me pick some of the songs for the album. She has a rap,” Tinie told UK newspaper The Mirror. “She was with me and Labrinth in the studio when he recorded Earthquake.

“Nobody really knows this. She recorded a rap and she told us that if we ever played it to anyone she would sue us. So when you talk to her next, ask her about the rap. It is really filthy as well.”

British Tinie has started work on his next project, which includes a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. The 24-year-old was thrilled to work with Pharrell and called him an inspiration. He found the process educational and confessed to being “starstruck.”

“I have been working with Pharrell and he has been killing everything at the moment,” Tinie said.

“I have been in the studio with him for a future project. He is a great and incredible person. He has inspired me style-wise and he is so forward musically. To be in the studio with him is incredible. You don’t know what to do when you are starstruck.”
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Friday, 01. November 2013