Catfish: The TV Show | Aaliyah & Alicia

Why do Alicia refuse to meet Aaliyah in the flesh?

Times have been tough for Aaliyah, a bright, community-minded resident of Oakland, California. Recently, her family was evicted from their home and she’s been couch-surfing at different friend’s houses while she completes her education. Throughout this difficult period, Aaliyah has found comfort and stability in her relationship with Alicia, a beautiful and loving young woman she met online. Alicia is Aaliyah’s first real girlfriend; they text with each other all day long and talk on the phone until late into the night, often falling asleep on the phone together. However, Alicia lives just 70 blocks from Aaliyah and is refusing to meet her in the flesh. Alicia claims that she’s not yet ready to come out to her friends and family and therefore unwilling to take things further. She’s also telling Aaliyah to wait for her — which has Aaliyah beginning to wonder — is her first love really the person she says she is?

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Friday, 01. November 2013