Perry: Jagger hit on me

Katy Perry has recalled the time Sir Mick Jagger made a move on her when she was a teenager.

Katy Perry “sacrificed” her friend when Sir Mick Jagger hit on her.

The American singer performed alongside the Rolling Stones rocker during the band’s 50 & Counting tour earlier this year. She also worked with him on his single Old Habits Die Hard from the 2004 movie Alfie.

When the pair first got to know each other, Katy claims Mick was over friendly.

“I was 19 maybe, I did a lot of stuff behind the scenes,” she told radio hosts Ash, Kip and Luttsy on Australian station Nova FM.

“I actually went to dinner with [Jagger] one time, and he hit on me when I was like 18! That was a long time ago, and he’s been very kind.”

When quizzed on how she turned down such a “legend” of a musician, Katy joked: “Well you bring a friend and then they do them! You sacrifice your friend!”

Katy was then asked about how her mom and dad, Mary and Keith, are doing. Even while she is travelling across the globe to promote her latest album Prism the 29-year-old star still takes the time to look after her parents.

“They always show up. They’re my parents, that’s what they do. Yeah [they] kinda [give me advice], a little bit,” she mused.

“I mean my relationship with my parents is different. The dynamic has really changed. It’s almost like I’ve become the parent of the family. I think that that happens with everyone when kids get a little bit older, and the parents get a little bit older – things switch.”
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Thursday, 31. October 2013