Bieber ‘sick of rumours’

Justin Bieber has tweeted that new movie will put an end to untrue reports.

Justin Bieber says he is ready to put “rumours to bed.”

The singer wants to end all the negative reports about him, and says his Believe 3D movie will clear up a lot of speculation. The 19-year-old star is determined to show people who he really is and put a stop to the negativity that has surrounded him recently.

“cant wait for #BelieveMovie. Im tired of all these rumors. Im gonna address everything and put it all to bed. truth is coming #christmasday (sic),” he tweeted to his 46.3million followers.

The pop star also hinted at possible collaborations with R Kelly and Drake, tweeting both singers identical messages: “They aren’t ready.”

This drove fans into a frenzy of speculation that Drake and R Kelly might possibly be involved in the Believe movie, which debuts on December 25 2013.

Justin is currently on tour, and performed in Guatalama City on Sunday.

After the concert, he headed out to an impoverished area to help build a school with non-profit organisation Pencils of Promise, TMZ reported.

The young singer was so moved by the experience he gave the shoes off his feet to a poor child and posted a video talking about it.

“It was just a wake-up call for me,” Justin said. “Any problem that I have, It’s nothing at all. These kids have absolutely nothing — no food, no water, no education. Yet, we’re stressing over the little things…They’re so happy. They’re just so happy.”
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Wednesday, 30. October 2013