Katy understands Miley

Katy Perry wasn’t surprised when she saw Miley Cyrus’ raunchy twerking.

Katy Perry thinks Miley Cyrus is just searching for a way to “express” herself.

The 20-year-old singer has been the subject on everyone’s lips for the past few months, thanks to some raunchy performances in revealing outfits.

While Katy, 29, also often takes to the stage scantily clad, the older star believes she has more of an idea of who she is.

“You know, I waltz through life,” she admitted to the latest edition of UK Glamour.

“Twerking’s been around for a long time so [Miley Cyrus] wasn’t anything new to me. I think she’s only trying to figure out how to express herself, becoming a young woman, and I only wish love to her because it’s not easy.”

Katy has had her own ups and downs, splitting from her ex-husband Russell Brand in 2012, after less than two years of marriage.

She’s currently promoting her album Prism, which features emotional track By the Grace of God.

“I wrote it in November of last year, which was a darker period of my life,” she explained.

“It’s very autobiographical. All my songs are. My confidence had taken a beating at that point in my life, and I was searching for answers and going through a real change at the end of my 20s. You have to face reality and not live in this cloud nine cotton-candy life.”

Katy has been in an on/off relationship with singer John Mayer, who has dated Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston in the past, since August last year.

The 36-year-old star is known as somewhat of a womaniser, just like Katy’s ex Russell, and she admits she may have a certain type.

“I go for an interesting gentleman,” she said.

“People who are very smart and very funny. I’m inspired by that. I love to learn, so I love someone who teaches me.”
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Wednesday, 30. October 2013