Lilo: I'm a disappointment

Lindsay Lohan is among the stars to discuss her relationship with Los Angeles in a new short film made by Jared Leto.

Lindsay Lohan has “disappointed herself” her whole life.

The actress has been in and out of the headlines over the last few years, thanks to brushes with the law and constant trips to rehab. Her career has taken a back seat and in a new film she appears to admit her mistakes.

“The City of Angels is where I was able to find myself again, the real me,” she says. “I’ve disappointed myself for most of my life. To not be like, ‘Wake the f**k up, look what you have. This is what you wanted.’”

The 11-minute movie was shot by Jared Leto and plays homage to Los Angeles. A host of celebrities give their opinions on the iconic US city during the promo, with Jared’s band 30 Seconds to Mars’ track City of Angels playing in the background.

Hip-hop star Kanye West opens the film, first of all reeling off words which remind him of the city. One of those is Kim – the name of his fiancée and the mother of his daughter North.

“This city took my mother, but it also gave me my child,” he says.

“The City of Angels is my paradise, my nightmares and my dreams… People let their frustrations out on me.”

On a less serious note, the rapper jokes about how many people view him. His outspoken interviews and seemingly large ego irritate some, which he is entirely aware of.

“My name is Kanye West, but actually I’m one of the few people whose middle name is ‘motherf**king,’ he laughed.

“People want fame, and I would never tell a person to not want that because it’s f**king awesome, actually.”

Also featured are Juliette Lewis who discusses her love for the city and Olivia Wilde, who explained LA allowed her to “grow and mess up”.

Selena Gomez discusses her upset that people view her as a “fame w***e”, while James Franco explains why he doesn’t care if he irritates people.

“Who knows what’s going to happen after this, and if this is the only life then why am I not doing everything that I want to do?” he says.

Everyday people feature in the promo too, all giving their life stories connected to Los Angeles.
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Wednesday, 30. October 2013