Gaga loses dog

Lady Gaga says she lost her beloved family dog to cancer.

Lady Gaga is devastated after her dog passed away on Wednesday.

The singer revealed her “puppy” Alice was suffering from cancer and had to be put down, and admitted she wished she had been there.

Gaga said her whole family was in mourning for Alice, who had been a part of their lives for 17 years.

“My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel. My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family,” tweeted Gaga.

“I love being an entertainer but it is so painful sometimes to be away from home 17 years she held on, so many memories. Nothing beats family.”

Gaga went on to share memories of her pet, and talk about the love and support she felt from her. Clearly heartbroken, the 27-year-old said her dog really understood her.

“I remember her laying my bed, she knew when I was sad, or when I was sick,” Gaga added. “I should have been there. I just pray Alice found her wonderland.”

Gaga also has a dog called Fozzie, a Labradoodle mix she got in August 2012. The Applause star was furious when she wasn’t allowed to take the puppy on a flight from Berlin to London last week.

“Lady Gaga doesn’t go anywhere without that dog so she didn’t want to fly without him,” a source told UK newspaper the Mirror.

“But she was told that rules are rules and dogs were not permitted on a BA flight unless they were in the hold and it was all pre-organised. So one of the staff got on a flight an hour later with Fozzie.”
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Wednesday, 30. October 2013