Murray aged by jail

Conrad Murray looks aged in photos taken after his jail release.

Conrad Murray sports greying hair in the first photos taken since his jail release.

Michael Jackson’s former physician exited through the back of the Los Angeles County men’s jail Monday after serving half of his four-year sentence in connection to the singer’s 2009 death.

Exclusive photos published by UK newspaper The Sun show Murray noticeably aged, his black hair now grey and with a noticeably frail frame.

The 60-year-old was seen eating with a male companion at fast food chain In-N-Out, where he reportedly indulged in one of the eatery’s infamous “double double” burgers.

“He looked much older, skinnier and quite frail. He looked like he could do with a burger,” an onlooker said.

Murray’s lawyer, Valerie Wass, spoke to the newspaper about her client’s plans to spend time with his children and girlfriend following his release.

“He was elated to be out of there,” she said.

Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, accused of administering the fatal dose of anesthetic propofol that killed Michael in June 2009. The singer used the drug as a sleep aid.

Wass has said she is working on an appeal.

Murray reportedly didn’t squander his time behind bars, however.

According to TMZ, he is part way through a tome about Michael and is also said to be keen to star in a reality TV show.

It’s unknown what the premise of the series would be, although it’s been speculated it could follow him as he attempts to reintegrate into everyday life.

It remains unclear if the disgraced doctor has found a publisher or a producer for the ventures.
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Tuesday, 29. October 2013