Kanye designed three rings

Kanye West chose the perfect ring hours before proposing to Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West admits he designed three different engagement rings for Kim Kardashian.

The rapper says he was nervous about proposing to the reality star, and wanted everything to be perfect.

He was so anxious about everything being perfect he had three different pieces made and decided at the last moment which one he would use.

“[Kim] knew I was eventually going to ask her to marry me,” Kanye told Power 106’s Big Boy morning radio show. "I just had to get that ring right. I worked with four different jewellers.

“Three rings were made and only one hit the ringer and that was Lorraine’s. I actually changed the ring the night before. The ring was less than four hours old when I gave it to her."

Referring to Kim as his “wife”, Kanye said she is the perfect girl for him and has wanted to marry her since they first met.

And he was thrilled with the proposal going off without a hitch, although he couldn’t get Lana Del Rey to sing live.

“I was nervous a little bit,” Kanye said. "But more about everything being on cue. They didn’t have the lights exactly how I wanted them to be.”

Kanye went on to apologise for setting the bar so high in terms of big proposals. He got down on bended knee on Kim’s 33rd birthday and hired an entire baseball stadium as the perfect venue to pop the question.

The 36-year-old also revealed the wedding will happen next summer and it will be a huge event.

“Two words: fighter jets,” the Gold Digger star said.
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Monday, 28. October 2013