Jessie: Miley's wild

Jessie J believes Miley Cyrus’ “crazy” behaviour is her trying to leave her good-girl image behind.

Jessie J thinks Miley Cyrus is a “little crazy”.

The British singer wrote the 20-year-old star’s 2010 hit single Party in the USA.

Since then Miley’s image has changed dramatically and she has caused controversy with her risqué behaviour and outfit choices.

While Jessie sees the younger singer-and-actress’ actions as slightly over the top, she can relate to her leaving her good-girl image behind.

“I think everyone has seen [Miley] twerking. Some of the things she’s doing are a little crazy, but she’s probably trying really hard to get away from the Hannah Montana thing,” Jessie told British magazine Time Out. “Doing that in the public eye isn’t easy. I’ve done or worn things in the past that looking back I’m like ‘Whoa!’ But you have to do it to learn never to do it again. So let’s just hope she never does it again.”

The 25-year-old musician’s fans regularly contact their idol via Twitter. Jessie sometimes feels overwhelmed at the different comments made by followers.

“I’ve had death threats for cancelling shows! With social media, young people use words of hatred so flippantly now. It’s either ‘I LOVE YOU!’ or ‘I HATE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO DIE,’” she recalled. “There’s no middle ground. Everything’s an extreme, because people want to be noticed.”

When faced with too much attention Jessie often finds it hard to speak up. However she has taken some valuable advice from fellow pop diva Beyoncé Knowles when approaching fans.

“Beyoncé once said that sometimes being polite isn’t fair. So now there are moments when I’m not rude but I am fair to myself,” she explained. “If I find myself in a situation where it’s not appropriate for me to sign autographs and I’m just there to be myself, I will remind people of that. Some people think you’re on show and that you’re owned by them 24/7. You’re not. No one is.”
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Sunday, 27. October 2013