Liam’s girl ‘mocks Miley’

Liam Hemsworth’s new girlfriend reportedly pulled faces at a Halloween outfit replicating a costume worn by Miley Cyrus.

Liam Hemsworth’s new girlfriend has reportedly mocked Miley Cyrus’ fashion sense.

Eiza González was purportedly walking by a costume shop in Hollywood on Thursday when she spotted a Halloween ensemble in the style of the singer’s infamous MTV VMAs get-up for her performance with Robin Thicke.

Extra reports the actress made funny faces and pointed at the costume, a replica of the nude lingerie and foam finger Miley debuted while twerking on Robin at the show in August.

Eiza herself appears in underwear on the November cover of her native Mexico’s GQ magazine.

She got together with Liam in September and was spotted enjoying time with the actor in Las Vegas before he announced his engagement with Miley had been called off.

Liam was spotted not long after being affectionate with Eiza in Los Angeles.

There has been plenty of concern for former Disney star Miley’s recent image transformation, most recently coming from her Party In The USA songwriter Jessie J.

“I think everyone has seen [Miley] twerking. Some of the things she’s doing are a little crazy, but she’s probably trying really hard to get away from the Hannah Montana thing,” Jessie recently told British magazine Time Out. “Doing that in the public eye isn’t easy. I’ve done or worn things in the past that looking back I’m like ‘Whoa!’ But you have to do it to learn never to do it again. So let’s just hope she never does it again.”
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Friday, 25. October 2013