20 years of EMA - Happy Birthday!

  • In 2006, Xtina revealed the secret and showed us, what the scots tend to wear underneath.

  • Selena Gomez was surprised by a streaker, when she moderated the show in 2011.

  • P. Diddy made the world of the ladies a crazy offer in 2002. The first woman to come on stage naked would receive a valuable ring as a reward. Said and done!

  • Yes, it really is Eva Longoria! The sexy Latina dressed up as a Spanish Serrano ham in Madrid in 2010.

  • It was a homage to Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

  • Christina Aguilera didn’t just feel the heat on stage.

  • Before she even got there, there was loads of trouble with Kelly Osbourne.

  • It’s well known that Eminem likes to diss. At the EMA 2002, he wasn’t able to contain himself once again and let loose against Moby.

  • He took it with a sense of humour though and even thanked Eminem. Lose a battle to win the war!

  • Travis were taken by surprise by a mob of anti war protesters during their 2003 performance.

  • In 2009, the Jonas Brothers used their performance to pay tribute to the deceased Michael Jackson. Very touching!

  • In 2006, Kayne West stormed on stage and complained about not having won the award for the best video. Kayne, don’t grudge the other stars having their share at times.

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    Happy Birthday, dear EMA! It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a whole 20 years, since the Award Show hit the stage for the first time. In 1994, the starting gun fired off at the Brandenburg Gate. Ever since, the EMA have been hosted by a great many European countries. In Stockholm, Liverpool, Lisbon and many more European metropolis, the stars got the crowds going.

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    And the things we have seen and experienced…! A lot of bare skin has definitely always been a part of it. Whether it was the skimpy outfits of the stars, surprising streakers or sexy Scottish bums, less was often more.

    On the sidelines of the colourful events, the one or the other little row wasn’t lacking. The argument between Eminem and Moby is still fresh in our memories. But sad moments, such as saying goodbye to Michael Jackson are equally part of it all.

    On November 10 it’s time again: The EMA 2013 are being awarded on Amsterdam. Tune in!

    We’ve put together the highlights of the show from the past 20 years. So have a browse and take a look at the great shows.

    Wednesday, 06. November 2013