Kanye ‘writing vows’

Kanye West is reportedly writing his own wedding vows for Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West is “writing special wedding vows” for Kim Kardashian.

The 36-year-old rapper became engaged to the reality star this week and it is said he wants the wedding to be the most moving ceremony ever.

He is reportedly wasting no time putting pen to paper, as Kanye wants Kim to hear how much he loves her when they take their oath of marriage.

“This is very special to him and he wants to make sure everything goes down the way he wants it. He’s already been writing his vows, too — that’s how seriously he’s taking it,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

Kanye shares four-month-old daughter North with his fiancée Kim.

Apparently the vows he is penning for the mother of his child are spectacularly touching.

“It’s not going to be anything corny. It’s going to come straight from his heart and it’s going to be real,” the source reveals. “It’s going to rhyme, know that. That’s just how he is. But it’s going to be deep and once he’s done writing them, and saying them to her, he’s going to keep it tucked away in his wallet for the rest of his life.”

Not only is Kanye creating tailor-made vows for Kim, he is also very involved in every aspect of the wedding. Although no official date has been set yet, the Gold Digger star is leaving nothing to chance.

“He’s doing everything, from the music, to how many guests, to the cake — the whole shebang,” the source adds. “Kim doesn’t mind either. She knows Kanye likes to sit back and take control of things. She loves it — it gives her time to be beautiful and chill out.”
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Friday, 25. October 2013