Katy: dating John is easy

Katy Perry has admitted dating a fellow musician is “a lot more fun.”

Katy Perry has said dating John Mayer is easy because they understand each other’s work.

The couple have had an on-off relationship since last year, and reconciled in July after a three-month split.

And now they are together again, Katy loves having someone who she can confide in about her music.

“There’s a lot of understanding when you get home and say, ‘Ah, I had a pretty crappy show.’ They’re like, ‘I understand because I’ve had one, too.’ You get to share music. The dance parties are a lot more fun,” Katy told Extra host Mario Lopez.

Katy and John have a duet on his new album called Who You Love, which is the pair’s first collaboration.

The couple wrote the track together, and Katy is thrilled to share the evidence of their connection with the world.

“We did a song for his album. We were writing and recording around the same time for our records,” Katy explained.

“We did an incredible duet called Who You Love that is a beautiful song. I’m so proud of it because people hear it, and they hear a different side of me.”

Katy’s new album Prism is her most personal project yet, according to the singer.

She has talked openly about the depression she suffered after her marriage to Russell brand ended in 2011, and opened up about it to Mario.

“When I started the record in November 2012, I was kind of in a darker place and had a little bit of my self-confidence shattered, so I was trying to build it back up.

“I wrote this song, ‘By the Grace of God,’ which was about me having a lot of negative thoughts in my mind, then you hear me find my strength throughout the message of that song and I come out in the end all right,” Katy said.
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Wednesday, 23. October 2013