Cowell sings Power Rangers

Simon Cowell sang the Power Rangers theme song for $1m.

Simon Cowell sang the theme tune from the Power Rangers for a $1m donation to charity.

The music mogul was at a fundraiser for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces when he was challenged by billionaire Power Ranger creator Haim Saban to sing the theme tune for the 90s kid’s TV show.

Father-to-be Simon had originally intended to just introduce Haim singing the song at the Beverly Hills event, but unbeknown to him he was also to showcase his vocal abilities.

“I think I suggested this song because he does have a very strong connection to it, he’d like to sing Go Go Power Rangers,” Simon said to the room full of fundraiser guests.

TMZ obtained the video of the pair, who soon launched into their own rendition of the song.

Haim joked how when he was approached to bring out a record in the early nineties, he thought the idea “stupid.”

“20 years ago I got a call from England from a then very unknown Simon Cowell who wanted to do a version of Power Rangers, a disco version. And I thought that’s a very stupid idea. But I’m going to sing and he’s going to go base,” Haim said, referring to Simon as he passed the microphone over.

“Go Go Power rangers,” Simon sang in a deep tone before continuing “I’m not singing anymore.”

The two men then got into a mock singing battle, as they both offered to donate large sums of money to the fundraiser.

The crowd lapped it up, with loud laughing and cheers as they encouraged the two to continue.

“Yes you are Simon because it’s costing me a million dollars,” sang Haim.

“I’ll pay you a $100,000 to stop,” countered 54-year-old Simon.

Haim then ended the fun by declaring that Simon would in fact be donating $250,000 to the cause.
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Wednesday, 23. October 2013