Wild mom Britney

Britney Spears struggles to juggle motherhood with her music career.

Britney Spears is a “crazy mom”.

The American singer has sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

She is releasing her eight album Britney Jean later this year and currently promoting the record. Along with this she is preparing for a two-year stint at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and with so much work on, the 31-year-old star often gets overwhelmed.

“It’s so crazy cos there’s, like, two totally different people. I’m the pop star and very like, you know, sensual and all this stuff,” she explained to the BBC. “When I’m a mom I’m like, ‘Get away from me!’ I’m like crazy mom. It’s hard to balance the two, it really is. Once you’ve done a shoot all day and you come in, you have to do homework, fix dinner twice – it’s a lot of work. But I think as women we just manage it and make it work.”

Britney also spoke about what her upcoming album means to her. She dedicated one song to her breakup with ex-fiancé Jason Trawick, who she split from in January, and hopes it will appeal to her fans.

“It’s more personal because I went through a couple of things doing this album. I had a breakup and I did a personal song about that and I think it will make girls not feel alone in the situation,” she continued.

“When they’re alone in their room and they’ve broke up with their boyfriend and they have a song they can go to and listen to, just makes them feel better about themselves and better in general. It makes me feel better. So I just feel like that’s really, really cool to have.”
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Wednesday, 23. October 2013