Scherzinger ‘served up pastries’

Nicole Scherzinger finally gobbled up treats at a famous British bakery.

Nicole Scherzinger devoured delicious pastries while visiting British bakery chain Greggs.

The 35-year-old singer currently serves as a mentor on UK TV singing competition The X Factor and rising star Hannah Barrett is Nicole’s protégé.

Hannah worked as a part-time employee in Greggs before joining The X Factor and on Tuesday she treated Nicole to a sausage roll at a London shop.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Nicole dressed up in an employee uniform during the visit.

In a further show of solidarity, Nicole seemed to “tuck into” the tasty snacks with much delight.

Onlookers claim her enthusiasm was almost infectious.

“If she was serving in here every day, I’m sure profits would go through the roof,” a witness noted.

The American star has been spending most of her time in England for several years.

She previously expressed her desire to visit Greggs, claiming she was dying to try one pastry in particular.

“Everyone talks about this Greggs and I haven’t been. Everyone talks about the sausage rolls,” Nicole told Digital Spy.

The former Pussycat Doll split up from her Formula 1 driver boyfriend Lewis Hamilton earlier this year after dating on and off since 2008.

She is apparently keeping savoury foods to a minimum while she copes with the breakup and is relying on diet and exercise instead.

“Now she’s single, she just has soup or fruit, because sitting down to a proper meal on her own makes her feel sad,” a source told British magazine Closer. “They’re doing an hour of running a day, as well as half an hour of resistance training. Nicole says the exercise is helping her feel better mentally.”
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Wednesday, 23. October 2013