One Direction top rich list

One Direction have topped a list of the richest Britons under 30.

One Direction have topped the list of Britain’s wealthiest people under 30 with a fortune of £60million.

The band knocked last year’s winner Daniel Radcliffe off the top spot of Heat magazine’s Rich List for under-30’s, reports UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

While most people on the list are individuals, one Direction were listed as a group because they generated income as a unit instead of solo work.

“One Direction are young, talented, staggeringly good looking and adored by millions,” said Heat’s editor-in-chief Lucie Cave. “To that we can now add ‘rolling in cash’. No one said life was fair.”

One Direction’s income includes movies, record sales, and TV shows.

DJ Calvin Harris is the highest new entry on the list, at number eight with £22.2 million. Paolo Nutini, Jamie Bell, Natasha Bedingfield and Sienna Miller were all on the list last year but have since fallen off. Danielle Radcliffe was number one since 2010, this is the first year he isn’t at the top.

Here is the top ten for Heat’s under-30’s Rich List:

1 One Direction, £59.33 million

2 Daniel Radcliffe, £56.19 million

3 Robert Pattinson, £44.16 million

4 Keira Knightley, £37.28 million

5 Emma Watson, £27.93 million

6 Adele, £27.54 million

7 Rupert Grint, £24.09 million

8 Calvin Harris, £22.21 million

9 Cheryl Cole, £15.50 million

10 Leona Lewis, £14.45 million
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Tuesday, 22. October 2013