Kelly ‘has Smurf hair’

Kelly Osbourne has confessed that her latest hair dye job has gone wrong.

Kelly Osbourne thinks she looks like “Papa Smurf” after botching her hair dye.

The 28-year-old presenter admitted on Twitter that her usually lavender hairstyle has gone all wrong.

Instead of getting upset about the situation, Kelly has prepared her kitchen into a makeshift hairdresser in an attempt to rectify the situation.

“when I dye my hair we make the color ourselves mixing different dyes together. sometime we get it wrong like this time I look like a Smerf! (sic),” she joked to her 3.3 million followers.

“Looks like we will be turning my kitchen into a chemistry lab to get my hair back to its Lavender self! Its more Papa Smurf not Smurfette if you get what I am saying! (sic)”

Over the weekend Kelly attended an early Halloween party thrown by MAC cosmetics and Hollywood special-effects artist Rick Baker.

Accessorising her puffed up purple hair with oversized cat-eye glasses and a feather boa, Kelly channelled her inner Australian with a Dame Edna Everage costume.

Her fiancé Matthew Mosshart went for a drag version of 90s TV character Blossom.

Kelly spent the night tweeting, keeping followers updated with photos and musings. Before the party started she got fans to guess who she was dressing up as, with a series of clues.

“Getting ready for a Halloween party you guys are going to laugh you a*ses off when you see who I’m dressing up as! Lets see if you can guess (sic)” she teased.

“I really hope I did @realDameEdna justice! What do you guys think?” she posted next to a photo of her pouting in full costume.
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Monday, 21. October 2013