CeeLo 'to be cleared of charges'

CeeLo Green will reportedly be cleared of sexual assault charges this afternoon.

CeeLo Green is set to be cleared of sexual assault charges.

The singer was accused of slipping a drug into a woman’s drink over a year ago, but TMZ reports the case will be formally rejected today.

An unnamed female claimed she went to a Los Angeles sushi restaurant with CeeLo in late 2012, where he slipped ecstasy into her drink and she later woke up naked in his bed.

CeeLo vehemently denied the allegations and called for a full investigation into the allegations. It seems the case will now be dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Investigators reportedly discovered issues with the woman’s story, as it appeared the pair had been dating and were intimate before the alleged incident.

While CeeLo – real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway – looks likely to avoid sexual assault charges, TMZ reports the singer will be charged with one count of furnishing ecstasy. The website claims the 39-year-old star could even be arraigned this afternoon.

The woman previously claimed to have a tape recording of CeeLo discussing the incident, and while he seemingly didn’t say he had slipped ecstasy into her drink, he did make reference to the drug.

Apparently this conversation will be used as a confession by the Los Angeles District Attorney. However, there is no suggestion CeeLo had a criminal intent to harm the female when he is accused of sharing ecstasy with her.

The Voice US judge is likely to face probation as this is his first offence.
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Monday, 21. October 2013