Perry: Snoop left me dazed

Katy Perry says Snoop Dogg is “super-cool” and rolled marijuana joints when they were in the recording studio together.

Katy Perry was “contact high” while recording with Snoop Dogg.

The pretty popstar collaborated with the rapper on 2010 hit California Gurls. Katy has now confessed that she and her band members became intoxicated by fumes from the marijuana joints that Snoop was smoking when they were in the studio together.

“It was really cool. He came by the studio, played the song and rolled a ‘J’,” she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Sun. “Everybody was contact high. But he was super-cool and he’s been around forever.”

Katy has fond memories of working with Snoop, who has recently been referred to as Snoop Lion and now Snoopzilla. She feared coming face-to-face with the rap legend might be a let-down, but he didn’t disappoint.

“It’s really amazing if you meet someone that’s been around for 20 to 25 years and they’re still cool, because sometimes they ain’t,” the 28-year-old singer smiled.

Snoop has a new album coming out next month, 7 Days of Funk. He decided he needed a fresh moniker, Snoopzilla, to complement the new material he has recorded with Dam-Funk.

“We’re the babies of the Mothership,” he said in a statement last week. “I’ve had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dam-Funk is cold. He’s keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him.”
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Monday, 21. October 2013