Max writes song for ex

Max George has written a sad song about ex-fiancée Michelle Keegan.

Max George has written a song about his breakup from ex-fiancée Michelle Keegan. The singer and British actress Michelle broke up over a year ago, and she is now engaged to someone else. But Max is clearly having a hard time coming to terms with the split, writing about the experience for The Wanted’s new album.

“We’ve written about tough experiences we’ve had in our lives over the years – relationship breakdowns and that sort of thing,” Max told UK newspaper the Mirror.

“I’ve written about my break-up with Michelle. I’ve written a couple of songs about it and the experiences I went through. There’s one song called Heartbreak Story, which is definitely close to me.”

Max, 25, and Michelle, 26, dated for 18 months and split in July 2012 after reports surfaced about Max cheating on her. Although both Max and Michelle have moved on with their lives, the song Heartbreak Story has very apologetic lyrics.

“Just say you’ll let me in your heart. I should’ve been there from the start. I promise you as long as you’re with me, there’ll never be a heartbreak story,” the lyrics read.

Max makes it clear in the song that he’s sorry for hurting Katherine and wishes he could go back in time and regain her trust. Although the track is about love lost, Max doesn’t indicate that he and Michelle should try again.

“Girl there is no need to hide away what’s done is done now,” the lyrics continue. “He gave you up and then he let you down and all the trust is broken now, he can’t remember how it used to be, it doesn’t have to be a heartbreak story.”

Max is currently dating Danish underwear model Nina Agdal.
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Monday, 21. October 2013