Kelly ‘offers Miley family help’

Kelly Osbourne has reportedly offered her family's services to Miley Cyrus, who she thinks needs help.

Kelly Osbourne reportedly wants her father to be Miley Cyrus’ sober coach.

The TV star has battled drug problems in the past and spent time in rehab to help overcome a dependence on prescription medication. Her father Ozzy is also an addict and earlier this year admitted abusing drugs and alcohol again, although he has since cleaned up.

Miley’s wild behaviour has caused some to suggest she may be heading for a meltdown, with her friend Kelly one of those who is concerned about her.

“Kelly went so far as to offer her dad’s services to be Miley’s sober coach, but Miley was so offended,” a source told National Enquirer. “She told Kelly that she isn’t an addict and to mind her own business. Miley doesn’t want to hear anything that goes against her image overhaul. It’s like she is living in a bubble.”

As well as cutting her hair and talking about drugs via her song lyrics, Miley has shocked with a number of provocative photoshoots over recent months. She is also a fan of posing with her tongue hanging out, something which Kelly teased her about on her TV show Fashion Police.

While bashing her behaviour in public, Kelly is said to have spoken to the former Disney star about it privately.

“Kelly takes her sobriety very seriously. Her dad and brother have also struggled with drugs and Kelly has seen too many good friends get sucked into that destructive culture. Kelly called Miley up and really lit into her and warned her that the bad-girl shtick was getting old real quick,” the insider said.

Miley recently confirmed her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is off and although she has claimed she is already over the relationship, some have speculated the breakup has contributed to her racy behaviour.
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Saturday, 19. October 2013