Nick doesn’t want kids to be famous

Nick Cannon doesn’t want his children part of the entertainment industry.

Nick Cannon says he doesn’t want his children in the entertainment business.

The America’s Got Talent host, 33, has two children with wife Mariah Carey, 44 – two and a half year old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

Nick says that while his children are very talented, he hopes they choose a different path in life.

“My kids have talent. It is cool to see them singing and my son plays the drums. It is in their DNA,” Nick tells People magazine. “But the only reason why I say I don’t want my kids to be in entertainment is because I want them to have a sense of accomplishment.”

Nick believes it would be too easy for the twins to be like their parents, and he hopes they become athletes or go to college. The singer wants his children to stretch themselves and try hard, and a career in entertainment wouldn’t do that for them.

“When your parents are entertainers that is the easiest thing — that’s a given. I would rather them strive for something like sports or education, something that is technically outside their wheelhouse,” Nick said.

Although Nick doesn’t want his kids to be in the industry, he does admit it has its perks. Working in TV and radio means he gets to spend plenty of time with his family.

“I mean, when you think about it there are so many other occupations that take the parents away from the home for a long period of time,” Nick says.

“The beauty of being an entertainer is I probably get to spend more time with my kids than the average person because I’m not on a nine to five schedule.”
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Saturday, 19. October 2013